Getting Back…

A few issues have been taking up some time in my life, so I thank everyone who was asking when I would blog again.  So much has happened that I wish I had been writing about — like the closing of the Algonquin, great shows by Ron Squeri, Matt Howe, and Christy Trapp, a terrific master class by friend-of-this-blog Sally Mayes.

But there’s more to discuss.  So, onward!

3 Responses to Getting Back…

  1. Beckie Menzie says:

    You are BACK!!! I am so glad.

  2. Michael! I just went through and read all of your new posts since you started back to the blog. I was thinking, maybe Michael is back, and got a cabaret treat with great things to read, great pix to see, all of it great as you are great and it is great you’re back and it makes me feel great…and grateful. Sending LOVE, smiles, congratulations and hopes to see and talk to you real soon! xoxoxo

  3. Terri Allen says:

    We’re glad you’re back! It’s wonderful to read your blog again!

    Terri Allen

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