function search(form) {
alert(“Enter a term for search”);
var length_chksrch=0;
var field=””;
var chk_multi_search=0;
var psycnetpath=form.APA_path.value;
var term=form.APA_searchtext.value;
var length_chksrch=form.APA_dvSelectType.length;
if(term==””) {
alert(“Enter a term for search”); return false;
if(length_chksrch==0) {
else {
for(i=0;i<length_chksrch;i++) {
if(form.APA_dvSelectType.options[i].selected==true && chk_multi_search==0) {
else if(form.APA_dvSelectType.options[i].selected==true && chk_multi_search==1) {
if(field=="") {
alert("Select at least 1 search field");
return false;
var db=form.APA_database.value;
var db = db.replace(",all","");
var type="advanced";
var APA_url=psycnetpath+"?fa=search.searchResults&type="+type+"&db="+db+"&term="+term+"&fields="+field;;
return false;


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