Sad News From St. Louis…

June 28, 2008

The great Chuck Lavazzi from St. Louis reports that their lovely cabaret venue, Savor, has closed.  Let’s hope that as with the Razz Room opening in San Francisco after the closing of the Plush Room, something lovely takes its place.

Deb Peterson broke the story in the Post-Dispatch earlier today and Chris Gibson, who went to review Elsie Parker tonight, confirmed it: Savor is closing its doors after tomorrow night’s Debby
Lennon/Carolbeth True show.

Chris said Jim Dolan wasn’t there tonight and the woman who was doing the seating apparently had no idea that he was there on comps to review the show and tried to hit him up for $17.50 a pop for the tickets.

This is pretty awful news for the cabaret scene locally. Savor was the best all-around cabaret room in town. I went to the press preview for the Kranzberg Center Wednesday and while their cabaret space is promising, the seating will need to be planned properly if it’s going to work at all. I have no idea whether they’re going to do that or not.

Jim Dolan was apparently caught flat-footed by this. His web site is still advertising shows through August 23rd. It looks like Savor made the decision very abruptly.

Chuck Lavazzi
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My First Cabaret Scenes Review: Sally Martin

February 17, 2008

In January, Cabaret Scenes magazine asked me to become its DC correspondant.  So I’m writing a monthly column in the magazine — mostly reporting what’ll be happening in our cabaret scene in a particular month.  I’ll also be writing occasional reviews of shows and CDs that will be appearing on their Web site and occasionally in print.

I’m pleased to say that my first review reporting on Sally Martin’s terrific show at the Corner Store just got published on the Cabaret Scenes site.

Cabaret Scenes is a terrific magazine that updates readers as to what’s happening int he world of cabaret.  And they are really trying to cover the national scene — Chuck Lavazzi in St. Louis and Carla Gordon from Chicago alone are two amazing resources for what’s happening in their markets.

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