The Wisdom of Donna Migliaccio

June 26, 2010

I’m taking a musical theater workshop at the Theater Lab with Washington’s great musical theater star, Donna Migliaccio, who I became a fan of in the mid-80’s when she was still Donna Lillard and appearing in the Arlington Players productions of A Little Night Music and Sweeney Todd, not to mention Jerry’s Girls at the Hotel Omni.

Miggliaccio was one of the people who transferred to Broadway from the Kennedy Center production of Ragtime*.  Talking about that production, she made the terrific point:  “There are basicially three reasons to take a job: the money; it’ll advance your career; or it’s artistically fulfilling.  If you can get one, OK; if you can get two, that’s great; and three almost never happens.  And Ragtime was all three.”

*Interestingly, Miggliaccio was playing Emma Goldman, the only major principle replaced from the original Toronto production to the origianl Broadway production, with Judy Kaye replacing Camille Saviola.