Judy Collins in the NYTimes

February 22, 2010

The NYTimes Sunday Routine column has a profile of Judy Collins.  I found the following quote especially inspiring: “There is a choir and an organist. I don’t sing; I’m listening, which is the other side of performing, and I get a lot of nurturing from that music. I get that wonderful transformative experience hearing these great choirs.”

Stephen Holden on Judy Collins

January 25, 2008

Is there a feeling that if you last long enough, you’ll end up in cabaret?

The NYTimes reviews Judy Collins: “At Tuesday’s opening performance of a six-week engagement at the Café Carlyle her voice, clear and vibrato free but inflected with delicate little shivers, stole through the room like a shaft of light falling through a stained-glass window. When surrendering to the ethereal spell she casts, your impulse is to turn your head up, close your eyes and tune in to messages from far, far away.”