Andrea Marcovicci on Christmas Eve

December 26, 2009

I got to see Andrea Marcovicci’s amazing Johnny Mercer show at the Algonquin on Christmas Eve. The people to my right are Shelly Markham, Kate Loitz, Francesca Amari, Andrea Marcovicci, and Louisa Poster. (Ron’s missing because he’s the one who took the photo.)

Songs from Michael Smith

October 31, 2008

At the October DCCN open mic, Ron sang his current work-in-progress Sister Clarissa.  The song is by a terrific folk singer/songwriter Michael Smith.  The lovely Kate Loitz has recorded his song The Dutchman and Lisa Asher has recorded a number of his songs, too.

His songs generally combine an interesting story with witty lyrics.  Perfect for a trip out of the coffee house and into the cabaret.

His site has info on his songs and recordings.  And he even has a songbook — but be warned, it’s really meant as a rough guide for the folk guitarist, not necessarily something you can put successfully in front of a pianist.  But the drawings are very pretty.

Catching Up With The P-Mers

September 16, 2008

Various Perry-Mansfield alumnae have been busy…

Francesca Amari plays the next two Mondays at the Metropolitan Room in New York the next two Mondays.  I saw the show last November and it’s terrific!  Plus it was expertly directed by Barry Kleinbort and features the amazing Christopher Denny as music director.

Jenna Esposito has a terrific new CD, 13 Men… and Me (recently reviewed on this blog).  Also, her blog shows what it takes to really strive to build a cabaret career in Gotham.

Hilary Feldman’s CD, Taking Flight, has been out for a couple of months now, but it’s still worth noting as a lovely recording.

And that Bistro-Award-winning Kate Loitz has just made her (non-singing) YouTube debut as a crafty blind woman!