Rehearsal Tracks from Katy Stephan

June 27, 2010

I recently wrote about Katy Stephan expanding her musical services

I just got a couple of rehearsal tacks from her, and I’ve got to say that she provided them very quickly and very reasonably.  Also, she does this great thing of having the melody line with an oboe-ish sound against the piano background.

Here are samples of her tracks:

email or call Katy Stephan 310-529-6702 .

Katy Stephan — For All Your Musical Needs

June 12, 2010

One of my favorite musical people, Katy Stephan, is now offering a range of musical consulting services.  Long a mainstay of Martuni’s in San Francisco, she’s a terrific music director, songwriter, and awesome performer in her own right (not to mention being absolutely lovely).  Oh, you lucky San Franciscans !!!!

Want to sing a Lady Gaga song at an audition?   Want to sing Defying Gravity in a lower key?
Want sheet music for a song, but it hasn’t been published or is out of print?

I can help!  I can provide:
>  Piano accompaniment for any song in any key – on CD or mp3
>  Audition prep – for you and for your sheet music!
>  Coaching and teaching
>  All styles of music and all voice types welcome

I can help you find your key for any song, and make sure your sheet music matches! I can also help you master that pesky high note or tricky passage that sometimes saps your confidence.
With the help of the right musical preparation and a little practice, you really can sing anything you want to.  You can take a song that feels “too high” for your voice and transpose it down. You can take a song usually performed by a different voice type or gender, and make it your own.  You can add a few new songs to your repertoire – why limit yourself?

All voice types and skill levels are welcome.  My rates are reasonable and my studio is in Emeryville.

email or call Katy Stephan 310-529-6702 .