Report: Joe Peck’s Torchered Melodies

October 25, 2007

Who knew heartbreak could be so entertaining?

Joe Peck presented his program Torchered Melodies Tuesday night at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop billed as “Celebrating the Art of Losing in Love.”  It was a wonderfully varied program with the brilliant vocals one expects from Mr. Peck.  Music direction from George Fulginiti-Shakar on piano with bass support from Matt Murray was the icing on this great experience.

Here’s the song line-up:

  • Theme From Peter Gunn (Mancini / Livingston & Evans)
  • Runaway (Carr, Carr, Carr, & Carr)
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Sedaka & Greenfield)
  • Beautiful Maria of My Soul (La Bella maria de Mi Alma) (Kraft / Glimcher & Banderas)
  • I Should Go Home (Levy)
  • It’s Too Late (King & Stern)
  • Autumn Leaves (Kosma / Mercer & Prevert)
  • I’ll Forget You (Wildhorn / Knighton)
  • Until You Come Back to Me (Wonder, Broadnax, & Paul)
  • Kansas City (Leiber & Stoller)
  • Who’s Sorry Now (Snyder / Kalmar & Ruby)
  • You Must Believe in Spring (LeGrand / Bergman & Bergman)