Sink the Belgrano ! Press Night

August 26, 2010

We had the press night for Sink the Belgrano !  last night.  It was great to do the show with a full house of people (perhaps for the last time).

Here’s  the press shots that I’m in…

Me with Nanna Ingvarsson and John Geoffrian

The Maids at Scena Theatre

November 13, 2007

I just came back from the opening of The Maids by Scena Theatre at the Warehouse Theater.  It’s an enormously stylish production, with a stunning set by Richard Montgomery, perfect costumes by Alisa Mandel, sound by Chris Piefer, and Marianne Meadows’ usually terrific lighting.

 There’s alot of acting — as appropriate for the piece — brilliantly marshalled by the director Gabriele Jakobi.  Jennifer Deal and Nanna Ingverson are riveting as the eponymous characters.  Danielle Davy plays Madame with a sincere fabulousness that I have never seen in the role before.  Not only was this the first all-female production of the show I’ve ever seen, but it’s the first one where the maids were significantly older than Madame providing an interesting tension.