Perry-Mansfield Memories: Toni Rae Brotons

January 23, 2008

(Left — Toni Rae Brotons (far left) and other 2007 participants at Perry-Mansfield)

Say you want to learn more about the art of cabaret. Would you like to be able to explore this craft

  • o in the mountains of Colorado in the summertime?
  • o amongst folks at various stages of their cabaret careers, who want to learn just as much as you?
  • o from teachers who are award-winning performers and musicians that create a relaxing and encouraging atmosphere in which to grow and thrive?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions you are either a) me; or b) the perfect candidate for the Perry-Mansfield Art of Cabaret Workshop (or whatever they call it these days).  Seriously, it was the most amazing week of my artistic life. The best piece of advice I can give to potential participants is to be yourself, be prepared to sing LOTS and play well with others–an invaluable part of the workshop is the friends you make.   Audition for this workshop.  You won’t be sorry.

Perry-Mansfield 2008 Dates

January 4, 2008

Perry-Mansfield has announced workshop and audition dates for its 2008 Art of Cabaret workshop:

  • Workshop
    • August 18 – 24
  • Auditions
    • New York (Feb 11/Apr 14)
    • Chicago (Mar 10)
    • Los Angeles (Mar10)

The workshop takes place in an edenic mountain setting and features a stellar faculty.

As someone who has been through the program, I can personally attest to the magic.  I envy anyone going!