AuditionTrax Singer’s Newsletter

June 27, 2009

Tom Griep of AuditionTrax publishes an interesting monthly newsletter for singers, where each month different theater/music professionals give 10 tips.  I thought this month’s ideas by Joshua Finkel were particularly useful, and easily adapted to the cabaret performer.  Here’s my favorite:

  • Set an audition checklist. Before going into the room and actually before every rehearsal of your number, declare what you want to accomplish in positively phrased goals. Don’t write something like “I won’t be nervous” or “I won’t crack on the high note”. If that weren’t happening, what WOULD be happening? Rephrase it in positives: “I will be calm and energized” or “I will sing the high note with emotional fullness and even breath”. That gives you a positive thing to do, instead of a judgmental or defensive outlook as you prepare.
  • Now isn’t that what we all should be doing to prep for a show?

    Two newsletters…

    August 20, 2008

    Here’s an item of interest from Wendy Lane Bailey’s newsletter…

    On the Record
    July is the month of my birth and I’m celebrating by adding the first of several new audio tracks to my website. We’ll be adding a new cut each month for the next several months. July’s cut is Ring of Fire. To hear it drop by the  WEBSITE and open up the audio player.
    From Tom Griep and AuditionTrax

    AuditionTrax has launched a newsletter.  The issue has some good tips to remember for people singing at auditions.