Don’t cry for her…

Patti LuPone: A MemoirWhen I got Patti LuPone’s new memoirs, I couldn’t put my Kindle down.  The book is dishy, fast-paced, and incredibly insightful.  It’s probably the most candid memoir I’ve read since since Beverly Sills’s — I would love to have read the draft before the lawyers got to it. 

However, LuPone is clearly committed to her art.  It’s terrific to get her insights on the acting process, the theatrical process and communicating to an audience.  Just watch out if you’re Andrew, Lord Lloyd Webber or Bill Smitrovich!

One Response to Don’t cry for her…

  1. […] my appetite has already been whetted by Michael Miyazaki’s tantalising reports on Ms LuPone’s tell-it-exactly-as-it-was writing style and Minnelli’s indestructible gifts as an interpreter of […]

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