Richard Skipper opens the Capital Cabaret Festival

Richard Skipper opened the Capital Cabaret Festival with a bang with his show Plate Spinners, Jugglers, and…Richard Skipper! Tales of a LIFETIME in Showbusiness. It was a highly interactive show with the audience, providing charming anecdotes from his decades in the entertainment world. There were inevitably a number of tales of his relationship with Carol Channing, whom he portrayed in a tribute act for years. It was lovely, though, in this case, to see Skipper performing as himself.

Skipper provided his distinction between performers and entertainers as the distinction between acts that simply go through the motions for their own reasons (performers) and acts whose goal is to move the audience (entertainers). In this show, he certainly proved himself to be an entertainer extraordinaire.

He was ably supported by musical director Michael McAssey, who opened with a charming and sprightly mini set.

Michael McAssey

  • A Wink and a Smile
  • I Love Being Here with You
  • I Say a Little Prayer
  • Rhode Island is Famous for You

Richard Skipper

  • It’s Today
  • It’s Not Where You Start
  • My Personal Property
  • Broadway Baby
  • Bye, Bye, Baby
  • Moon River
  • Encore: Before the Parade Passes By

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