Amanda King at the National Capital Cabaret Festival

Amanda King presented a freewheeling, rollicking evening with her show Lost Women, Forgotten Songs at the National Capital Cabaret Festival. She took the audience on a journey through her song discoveries… material that’s been forgotten that she feels deserves a second chance. There were also performers that she was determined to make a little less forgotten. Through it all, she presented fascinating material and portrayed a variety of moods – opening with swingy “Rhumba Jumps,” the tenderness in “A Porter’s Love Song to Chambermaid,” or the sardonic humor of “Loveless Love.”

  • Rhumba Jumps
  • High Hat, Trumpet, and Rhythm
  • Caravan
  • A Porter’s Love Song to Chambermaid
  • Every Baby Needs a Da Da Daddy
  • Through the Courtesy of Love
  • What’s a Poor Gal Gonna Do ?
  • Loveless Love
  • I’m One of God’s Children
  • Black Moonlight
  • Rocking Chair
  • Blue Moon sequence featuring Prayer and The Bad in Every Man

The incredible Howard Breitbart proving riveting support, whether playing unobtrusively to highlight vocals, providing accents for humor, or totally rocking out as necessary.

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